Stuart Loggie founded Cube Real Estate with Chris Oliver and his main focus is identifying new investment partnership opportunities for the company.

"Transforming assets and delivering returns is fundamentally our business .We're experts at unlocking value by aligning all stakeholder interests and bringing a fresh eye to property which is no longer fit-for-purpose.

"Our team has a blend of different but complementary skills and this is what enables us to take property assets and turn them around - finding opportunities to enhance buildings where others don't see them or are not capable of delivery.

"My role is understanding investor requirements and translating them into strategic investment and implementing the agreed plan. In a market like today's, stock selection is hugely important but so is having the vision and expertise to enhance assets. You have to have both to move forward successfully."

"What I try to do is find situations where we can make a difference through our efforts to add value for occupiers and investors.

"We aim to create alignment between occupational use and demand , an investor's requirements and our expertise. This is the key to effective property investment.

"My experience in the business - creating and running property companies - has culminated in Cube and I am very proud of what we do and what we have delivered.

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