Jonathan Lawes runs the Cube Asset Management team of fully qualified surveyors that brings a fresh view to properties and enhances assets. He has extensive experience working in both the UK and the Far East advising both corporates and landlords providing him with a comprehensive view of what it takes to make property assets perform.

"Our job is to have a completely open mind about properties and apply our imagination and experience to fix broken buildings, provide the optimum working environment for our tenants and maximise value.

"To make assets return value you have to take a very wide view of what they can be used for. The traditional boundaries of office, retail, residential and industrial are being broken down as properties become obsolete and occupier requirements change. This presents opportunities to transform assets but your vision can't be limited by their past use.

"We use gentrification, comprehensive refurbishment, change of use, flexible leasing, tenant experience, rebranding and identifying development opportunities to deliver returns. Whilst we work primarily on Cube assets, our capabilities and results have benefited other investors as we apply our experience readily on third party asset management instructions assisting fund managers and private investors with their problem buildings.

"Tenant engagement is a fundamental aspect of our work. Occupiers are the ultimate source of property income and it's essential that you are easily approachable and maintain a positive relationship with them. We have set up structured communication programmes to help our occupiers with the hassle of workplace management and also established online microsites for each of our properties where occupiers can access useful up-to-date information about their building."

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